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Taylor Swift performs for The 1989 World Tour Live at Canadian Tire Centre on July 6, 2015 in Kanata, Canada.

Being the biggest pop star on the planet clearly isn't enough for Taylor Swift - she's additionally made a name for herself through her good deeds, whether that be generously paying fans' hospital bills, donating to flood victims or giving emergency on-point fashion advice days before prom. Below, we rounded up a few of our favorite inspiring moments between Taylor and her adoring fans.

1. Hospital Visits
Feel like crying? While Swift herself doesn't publicize her many visits to children's hospitals, the patients are there documenting every moment, which is how fans get to see Swift being sweet with a whole host of kids who could definitely use a smile.

2. Charitable Donations
In addition to gifts for hospitals and charity drives, Swift also pops up in the news for giving to various GoFundMe campaigns to pay for hospital bills. She donated profits from her "Welcome to New York" song to New York public schools in 2015, and pledged a whopping $1 million to Louisiana flood relief in 2016. Her good deeds often inspire others, which leads to a snowball effect (not to mention leading to GoFundMe raising its donation limit).

3. Bridal Shower VIP
Swift is such a good sport that when a fan invited her to her wedding and Swift couldn't make the date, she decided to surprise her at her bridal shower instead, bearing gifts and tons of smiles.

5. Swiftmas
They were the deliveries heard 'round the world - or at least 'round Tumblr. At the end of 2014, packages started appearing on the doorsteps of some of Swift's fans. Naturally, the fans documented the entire unwrapping process online, which revealed heartfelt notes and personalized gifts that obviously made their days (or, you know, their lives).

6. Fan Art
When it comes to acknowledging the efforts of fans to make her work their own - whether that be creating an awesome dance to "Wonderland" or playing an arrangement of various 1989 tracks - Swift plays head cheerleader, sharing them with her massive online following and calling out her faves.

7. Promoting Literacy
As a tie-in to her role in The Giver in 2014, Swift recorded a video with the Scholastic "READ" campaign about the books she loved as a child and the importance of literacy. We continue to dream a dream of discussing Harry Potter with her.

8. Sending Flowers to Fallen Troops
When a Marine reached out to the singer via YouTube to contact the family of his buddy - fallen Sergeant Wade Wilson, a huge Swift fan - she obliged, calling the family and sending flowers with a note, "Wade, Thank you for loving my music. I won't forget it and I'll never forget you. All my love, Taylor Swift, " according to a local news story in Texas.

9. House Calls
Fairy Godmother Swift is apparently even swinging by people's homes now, dropping in on one woman in Connecticut who was having a rough time and shared with Swift online that her music had helped her. "I open the door and she's like, 'Hey, Steph!' and it's just her right there, and I lost it, " Stephanie Barnett explained to the local NBC station. "I lost it for a while."

10. Tumblr #RealTalk
From what to wear to prom to empathizing with fans' biggest confessions and fears, Swift is never more at her Big Sister best than when she's connecting one-on-one with some of her biggest fans (the rest of us can feel lucky just to read it).

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