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Instructions for Making Sacrifice Beads / Good Deed Beads – Text Instructions

St. Thérèse, the Little Flower, as a child, used a small string of beads in her pocket to help her count the gifts she did to offer to God. In this way she was able to advance in perfection daily. You too, can grow in holiness by following the example of the Little Flower.

Sacrifice Beads or Good Deed Beads are a string of ten beads, which can be pulled and remain in place. They are used to count the acts of love or sacrifices a person makes in a day for God. The string of beads helps a person to grow in virtue by challenging them to be faithful in making acts of love each day. Sacrifice Beads also have a fixed Our Father bead on the end of them and can double up as a rosary.

How to Make Sacrifice Beads / Good Deed Beads

Supplies Needed
25″ (64cm) piece of cord (#9 twine)
11 beads (pony or wooden)
1 Miraculous Medal
1 Crucifix/Cross/Saint Medal
Step 1. Put the miraculous medal or the medal that you wish to use at the bottom of the set of sacrifice beads on the string and pull it to the middle.

Step 2. Take your first bead and pull the cord through the bead. Pull both pieces of cord in opposite directions until the bead is tight against the medal. Then tug at the cords until they are both the same length when you place them beside each other.

Step 3. Take the other end of the cord and pull it through the same bead but in the opposite side so that the string makes an X inside the bead.

Step 4. Pick-up your next bead and again form an X with the string through the bead. Pull both cords in opposite directions until the beads are tight against each other. Repeat this step until you have 10 beads in total.

Step 5. Leave about 3 bead lengths and tie a double knot or do a corded rosary knot (A corded rosary knot is the best knot to do. See instructions for a rosary knot below).

Step 6. Take your last bead (The Our Father Bead) and string both pieces of cord through the same side of the bead. Then tie a knot.

Step 8. Burn/melt your extra cord off as cutting it will cause it to fray. (Adult supervision required)

Step 7. Take your Cross, Crucifix or Medal and string both pieces of cord through the same side of it. Tie a knot, if possible do a double knot so that the knot ends up touching the knot you made in step 6. (This will keep your cross or medal on more securely).

Start pulling beads and doing acts of love!

How to Make a Corded Rosary Knot for Step 5

Step A. Leave about 3 beads length for the Corded Rosary knot.

Step B. Fold the cord over your index finger. Wrap the cord around your index finger so that the cord forms an X.

Step C. Wrap the cord twice more around the finger for a total of 2 times 3 loops), moving toward the palm of your hand.

Step D. Gently slide the resulting coils off your finger while maintaining their form.

Step E. Pull the end of the cord through these coils from the rear to the front. Very carefully, tighten the knot, pulling on the right side and maintaining the position of the knot with the left hand, (slowly) taking care to keep the coils in order, not letting the coils tangle or slip over one another. Once you are certain that the knot is correctly placed, pull to tighten.

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