Doing good deeds For Others

self growthHappiness, health, prosperity, peace, a better world for our children – we all want the same things in life. The key to these lies within us, and a transformation can happen in all of us if we focus on good. By choosing to think good, speak good and do good, you can find your place in the world.

Think good, speak good, do Good

With life dishing out trials and tribulations to us all, we should put our focus and come up with creative solutions, both individually and collectively, while also taking into account our potential impact on others and the planet.

If we choose to concentrate on good thoughts, communicate positively with others and act out our goodness by doing good deeds for the benefit of others, each one of us will be transformed from the inside. Driven by the power of goodness, we can make extraordinary things happen.

Think good, speak good, and do good is a life changing motto. It can lead us on a personal journey, filled with opportunities to connect and activate our own goodness. This immediately resonates outwards touching all aspects of life, creating positive change along its path.

Activate your goodness

Doing good deeds is simple. It only takes a small act of kindness, of any sort. When we do good, we feel good, and are uplifted personally. This ripples out to the world in ever-expanding circles.

My life-long desire is to inspire people to focus on good. This motivated me to write the book, filled with personal stories and those of others around the world. It is a practical guide that gives tools for making a positive difference. I dedicated this book to every individual who goes out and does good deeds for the benefit of others.

Passionately embracing good and actively engaging in it can become the norm in our lives, allowing a true transformation to really take place.

Each and every person counts

We all have a part to play in our collective future, and each and every one of us can do something for the benefit of others. To make a positive change, start with your own self, connect to your own uniqueness and personal goodwill. Then take responsibility and care about those around you, extending out to all circles of life.

Collectively, our individual acts of kindness create a critical mass of goodness that brings positive change in the world on all levels, for people, society and the planet.

No matter the size of the gesture, be it a smile that brightens someone else’s day or volunteering for a cause, you can find the act of doing good you want to do, according to your own heart’s desire. As more and more people join in and do their part in the way that’s closest to their hearts, the circles of good grow in the world.

I have been privileged to operate through the platforms of business and philanthropy, but it is the smallest acts of kindness that truly have a lasting effect. To encourage good deeds I initiated, where hundreds of thousands worldwide join in and give of themselves for the benefit of others.

Every year in March, people from all walks of life, any age or religion, partner together on Good Deeds Day to spruce up neighborhoods, clean beaches, visit with the elderly, or do simple acts of doing good, such as baking cakes for children who cannot afford a birthday cake, or offering a seat to others on the bus. A critical mass united around good is created on this day, and this annual tradition of giving also demonstrates how our world can look all year round.

Doing Good

Goodness by its very nature is more subtle, soft, and quiet. But love and compassion are alive and every day is a new awakening in finding your own unique way, to give from a genuinely positive place and also receive graciously. Just imagine the impact if everyone chose to come on board and consciously think good, speak good, and do good.

The beautiful thing about doing good, is that it doesn’t matter where you live or go to school, if you are a farmer or a teacher, which cultural group you belong to or the past you have. Doing good holds the power to liberate you from the old and help you find your place, in a way that is most inspiring, empowering and life-enriching.

Good as a first priority allows more and more people to discover and express their authentic true selves. In revealing our uniqueness through good, we create a new reality that emphasizes universal humane values, boosting growth and happiness to all.

The time is now, it is up to each and every one of us to replace our old patterns, and realize that everyone is capable of making a huge difference.

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