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DEC forest ranger at trail headForest rangers are sworn police officers, who work within an assigned geographic area, and enforce provisions of the Environmental Conservation Law (ECL) in order to protect and enhance the State's lands and natural resources and the well-being of the public who use these resources. Incumbents of these positions organize and conduct search and rescue operations; educate the public in wilderness safety and natural resource care; and administer the State's wildland fire-management program, including wildfire suppression and prescribed fire activities.

These positions are only classified at the Department of Environmental Conservation in the Division of Forest Protection. These positions are assigned to each of the Department's nine regions.

Job Qualifications

In order to qualify for a Forest Ranger 1 position, the candidate must either possess a bachelor's or higher level degree including or supplemented by 30 semester credit hours in environmental/life science*;


An associate's or higher level degree in forestry, forest technology, forest management, natural resources management, forest recreation, forest engineering, or environmental engineering;

An associate's or higher level degree including or supplemented by 18 semester credit hours in environmental/life science*;

and one of the following:

two years of qualifying technical/professional work experience in the natural resources management field;

two years of active United States military service with an honorable discharge.


* For the purpose of this examination, environmental/life science includes: forestry, forest management, forest recreation, forest resources technology, forest fire management, forest engineering, environmental engineering, environmental education, fish or wildlife biology, fish or wildlife management, and environmental science. It does not include physics, geology, chemistry, engineering (except as noted), mathematics, human/medical biology, medical biology, social sciences, environmental studies, archeology, astronomy, or space science. Please note: specific college course work requirements are being reviewed and may change.

DEC forest ranger fighting fireExamples of experience that will not qualify as natural resource management experience are: lawn mowing, landscaping, tree and brush trimming, pesticide application, sawing firewood, farm hand and other types of experience that are categorized as laborer or maintenance work in a garden shop, park or forestry setting.

Additional Requirements

  • Physical/Medical - Candidates must be physically strong and active. Candidates must be able to pass a qualifying medical examination and a physical ability test prior to consideration for appointment.
  • Character - Because of the duties of this position, a thorough character background investigation and psychological evaluation will be made of successful candidates.
  • License Requirement - Candidates must possess a valid license to operate a motor vehicle in New York State at the time of appointment.
  • Age Requirement - At appointment, you must be a resident of New York State and at least 20 years old.
  • Residency - Forest Rangers work in assigned Ranger Districts. Upon appointment, the candidates will be required to reside within the position's district.


A hiring rate of $58, 407 is effective as of March 31, 2011.

These positions exist in the Department of Environmental Conservation at numerous locations throughout the State.

Promotional Opportunities

Forest Ranger 1 is the entry level job title in the Forest Ranger series. Promotional opportunities are available through competitive examination and satisfactory service.

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