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Good Deeds Day 2016 in numbers:

  • 378 volunteers:
  • 281 kids and teens
  • 33 counselors
  • 64 adult
  • 13 different projects throughout San Diego
  • 11 different organizations helped: Oscar Litwak Foundation, Jewish Family Service, Ronald Mc Donald House, Niños con Vision Orphan in Tijuana, Fundacion CODET, VETality Corp, MOM4US, Stand up for Kids, Project Rescue Party, National City Collaborative Family Resource Center, Kimball Senior Center.
  • 8900+ items donated
  • 2000+ beneficiaries
  • 3 Mega-Projects:

  • Ken 6th graders, along with the support of some adult volunteers and professionals, did a Stand up for Kids Makeover, cleaning, painting, restocking and donating new items to the organization. Stand up for Kids mission is to end the cycle of homeless youth throughout the United States. Their facility serves as a day-home for homeless youth in San Diego.Good Deeds Day 2016 They may shower, eat, find clean clothes, make phone calls, use computers and much more. As part of this project, our teens cleaned the facility, replaced old furniture, cleaned and restocked the closet, helped arranging toiletry bags and donated blankets. In addition, and thanks to DuChateau we replaced the old carpet with new flooring.
  • Ken 4th graders partnered with Fundacion CODET sponsoring a congenital cataract surgery for Nayeli Barajas, a 14 year old Mexican girl.KEN-Good-deeds-day-2015 Nayeli was born to a very low-income family who could not afford to pay the surgery she desperately needed to be able to see. She lives in Tijuana, and now, thanks to the amazing work of our 4th graders and the support from the entire community, Nayeli can see, play and be a child for her first time in her life!
  • Ken 1st and 2nd graders sold rainbow bracelets throughout the year to collect money to sponsor a Mobile Playroom through Oscar Litwak Foundation. The goal of Oscar Litwak Foundation is to improve sick children´s quality of life while hospitalized or receiving long term medical care. The Foundation strives to make the child’s stay at the hospital as enjoyable and comfortable as possible through the foundation’s Mobile Playroom Program. The Ken succeeded in collecting funds to pay for a Mobile Playroom which was donated to UCSD Regional Burn Center.
  • HandsOnGiving-LOGO KEN-Good-Deeds-day-2014

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