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Environmental Protection Journal

is an open access peer-reviewed international journal published by University of Niš (Republic of Serbia). In this journal are published high quality and refereed papers three times per year. Papers are reporting original or extended versions of already published conference or journal papers. Papers for publication must provide originality, relevance and to have credibility. Papers submitted for publication must be written in English. The main idea of this journal FU „Work Liv Env Prot“ is to publish papers in the field of engineering science and environmental protection, fast and without delay, in hope that it will serve as a source of information for researchers, search scholars, industrialists, etc. and will be an inspiration for the development papers in the previously mentioned fields of science.
Editor-in-Chief: Nenad Živković
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Aim and Scope:

The main idea of journal FU “Working and living environmental protection“ is to provide fast and efficient way to access papers with the latest research topics that are connected with a research fields of this journal. Papers should be connected on any way with research fields of working and living environmental protection, but they are not strictly limited just to those fields.

General Journal guidelines for authors:

If the authors provide a previously published conference or journal paper, editor will check if there is sufficient new material added to new version of paper. Our guideline is that the submission should contain a significant amount of new material, that hasn’t been published anywhere else. The paper submitted in the FU “Work Liv Envr Prot” should differ from previously published material by at least 40%.

Instruction for authors:

Papers submitted for publication must be written in English. The text should be concise. As a rule, papers exceeding 16 type-written pages, will not be published. Manuscript must be typed double-spaced, on one side of the sheet only. Under title, names of authors should be given, at the end of the paper the full name (with official title, institute or company affiliation, etc.) and exact address should appear. Each paper should be preceded by brief summary (50-150 words) in the same language.

Letters, figures and symbols should be clearly denoted so that no doubts about their meaning can arise. Symbols which may lead to confusion (e.g. letter 1 and figure 1, figure 0 and letter O) should be distinguished by marks which are explained in “Remarks for typesetter”.

Equations should be typewritten and, with the number, placed in parentheses at the right margin. Reference to equations should use form “Eq. (2)” or simply (2).

All figures should be numbered with consecutive Arabic numbers, have descriptive captions, and be mentioned in the text. Figures submitted must be of a standard high enough for direct reproduction. Line drawings should be prepared in electronic form. Figures should be planned in advance, so as to allow reduction to 12, 75 cm in column width.

References should be listed alphabetically at the end of the manuscript, in the same way as the following examples (for a book, a paper in a journal, paper in a contributed volume and for an unpublished paper):

  1. Connor, J. J., Logcher, R. D. and Shing-Ching, C.: Nonlinear Analysis of Elastic Framed Structures, J. Struct. Div., ASCE Vol.ST6, pp. 1525-1547, 1968.
  2. Arriaga F. and others: Grading and load carrying capacity determination of old timber beams, American Society for Agricultural Engineers, paper No 92-4068, 1992.
  3. J. N. Reddy: A refined nonlinear theory of plates with transverse shear deformation, J. Solids and Struct., Vol. bf 20, pp. 881-896, 1984, Comput. Struct., Vol. 5, pp. 257-260, 1975.

References should be quoted in the text by the corresponding number in square bracket.

Rapid publication:

Online submission system, electronic peer review and production make the process of publishing your articles simple and efficient. If your paper is accepted, we will try to publish it in the current issue.


The journal Facta Univesitatis, Series: “Working and living environmental protection” is indexed in a representative list in major database. More info can be found on page .


No announcements have been published.


Mirko Stojiljković, Marko Ignjatović, Goran Vučković, Mladen Stojiljković, Bratislav Blagojević


Viša Tasić, Biljana Maluckov, Tatjana Apostolovski-Trujic, Renata Kovačević, Marija Živković, Ivan Lazović


Amelija Đorđević, Vesna Miltojević, Branislav Todorović


Miodrag Smelcerovic, Dragan Djordjevic, Milorad Cakic, Snezana Urosevic


Nataša Elezović, Ljiljana Takić, Nenad Živković, Predrag Jovanić


Aca Božilov, Nenad Živković, Nikola Mišić


Lidija Milošević, Emina Mihajlović, Amelija Đorđević, Jasmina Radosavljević, Ljiljana Živković


Goran Radoicic, Miomir Jovanovic


Dušica Pešić, Darko Zigar, Nikola Mišić, Ion Anghel, Vladan Đorđević


Zoran Marjanovic, Miomir Raos, Ljiljana Živković, Dušica Pešić, Milan Protić, Milena Jovanović

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